V Spanish School – FAQs

Are you wondering why to learn Spanish, how easy Spanish is, how Spanish can help you?

1 – How long will it take to learn Spanish Language?

Minimum 3 months are required to acquire basic communication skills. Also, it depends, as is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts. If you would like to learn Spanish online quickly, then we suggest that you make language learning a consistent habit. Also focus and participate in class and revise the teaching materials at the end of each class for best results.

3 – Will I get a Certificate for the course?

Answer: Yes. Everybody who completes a 60 learning hours module with 90% attendance would get a certificate if the teacher is satisfied with his or her performance.

5 – Who is a Native Spanish Teacher?

Answer: A native Spanish teacher is one who is a citizen by birth of any of the 20 Spanish Speaking Countries and whose mother tongue is Spanish(castellano).

7 – What is the duration of a class?

Answer: In a Four days a week course, the duration is 1 hour per day. In a three days a week course, the duration would be 1.5 hours per day. Please consult the class duration at the time of enrolment, as the duration may vary.

9 – Will there be a class on Public Holidays or National Holidays?

Answer: V Spanish School is dedicated to teaching and therefore we give classes on all the days except Holi and Diwali, which would be given on a Saturday or Sunday of the same week. Your teachers would inform you about it as per course.

11 – Can I pay for someone else?

Answer: yes you can pay for anyone you like, just mention the full name of the Learner, his email with your contact details, so that we can enrol him.

13- What is your refund policy?

Answer: You can get a full refund if you cancel your registration 3 days before the course starts. Once the course is started you will not get any refund.

15 - What if I miss a class?

Answer: All the classes are recorded, and you can access the recordings if you miss a class or if you just want a refresher. That way you will never have to worry about missing a class. Please note that the Private classes are not recorded unless specifically asked for.

17 - What else do I get?

Answer: You get access to our Language Learning Platform for a full fledge self paced e- learning program along with the course. This will have videos, audio exercises, grammar exercises, quiz and PowerPoints.

19 - How long are SIELE and DELE certificates valid for?

Answer: SIELE certificates are valid for 5 years, whereas DELE certificates have no expiry dates.

2 – What Software & Hardware do I need to connect to the Live Class?

Preparing to learn with V Spanish School is simple. You need three things: a stable internet connection, a computer/tablet/ mobile phone and the free video conferencing tool.

4 – Is GST included in the prices?

Answer – Indian GST is not included in the prices and is charged as per applicable rate.

6 – What is Live Teaching in Virtual Classrooms?

Answer: V Spanish School teaches Spanish language online through Language Learning Platform with Video incorporated, i.e. our teachers teach you through face-to-face (Live Teaching)through video conference (Virtual Classrooms) incorporated in our teaching platform. We do not teach you using pre-recorded videos.

8 – What is the Class or group size?

Answer : In V Spanish School, we encourage small groups/class size of maximum 6 learners in a class for a personalized interaction between a teacher and learners.

10 – When Should I pay the Course Fee?

Answer: You can pay the Course Fee anytime with a minimum of 2 days before the course starts, in this case please call our learners’ Support Number to update your enrolment and receive the Course Enrolment Key to enter the Course. You can pay for a course anytime in advance.

12 – Can I gift a course to my family or friends?

Answer: Yes. You can gift a course to your family or friends. You are required to update the learners information with your contact details so that we can enrol the learner/beneficiary.

14 – Can I get any discount?

Answer: V Spanish School has kept the Course Fee low so that everyone can learn Spanish. There are no further discounts unless you pay for an entire 6 levels in one go, you will get 10% discount in this case.

16 - Who are my teachers?

Answer: Your teachers are native Spanish or Indian certified Post Graduate teachers with a lot of experience. For Beginners’ A-1 and A-2 Certificates and Intermediate B-1 and B-2 we recommend Indian Teachers or a mix of Indian and Spanish teachers for better understanding due to some structural similarities between Hindi and Spanish.

18 - Do you prepare students for DELE and SIELE exams?

Answer: Yes, we do prepare students for these exams, thoroughly. They are prepared on all the parameters while learning Spanish – speaking, listening, reading and writing. They are provided with sample question papers for practice, and are given pre-in-post session assignments.

20 - Do your teachers work on weekends?

Answer: We can plan your sessions as per your convenience after a detailed discussion with you and your teacher regarding timings.

Please contact us for a counseling session and we will resolve all your queries and doubts.