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Spanish school is virtual language school for learning Spanish Language and Culture through Virtual Class rooms with Native Spanish teachers and also Certified Indian Teachers with Post-Graduate degrees. We started as a group of friends with a passion for teaching Spanish Language and culture. I am from India and my friends are from Spain, all post graduate in Spanish language teaching from University of Valladolid, University Complutense of Madrid, University of Navarra, etc.

V Spanish School offers you a great learning environment and friendly teachers who would make sure that you learn fast without any stress.

Our dynamic course material would be available to you anytime you want, videos and power point would involve you in the learning process so that you understand the concepts well using Visual Memory.

Our School Director, Mrs Maria José Saéz Brezmes has a Doctorate Degree and has been Deputy Vice Chancellor in the University of Valladolid for 8 years and has worked in various teaching and research areas of Education.

Our Teaching Head Ms Raquel Gonzalez has Post Graduate Degree in Spanish Filology with 15 years of teaching experience in various countries like Spain, France, UK, China.

Join us to know more about us.