Term Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS of V Spanish School

1 – If the Class is cancelled for any technical reason, it would be compensated on the next Sunday at the same time.

2 – Classes would be held even if it is a public holiday like 15th August except Holi and  Diwali. In this case the class would be compensated on the next Sunday.

3 – If you miss more than 3 classes, you would not be eligible for the certificate unless you go for compensatory classes to complete learning hours.

4 – Course fee is Non-refundable and Non-transferable in any case, nor can you change the date of the course.

5- All learners are required to maintain good behavior and respect the decorum of the class and is required to give full respect to the teachers.

6 – The teacher can block you from an ongoing class and/or bar you from entering the class if your behavior is inappropriate. The teachers’ decision would be final and binding to all learners.

7 – Eatables are not allowed during the class.

8- Learners should keep the microphone on Mute while the teacher is speaking so that everyone can listen without any external noise.

9- All the classes would be recorded for training and security purpose.

10 – Learners should make sure that their devices/equipment are in good working condition and they should keep them ready before joining the class.

11 – Learners are required to join the class 5 minutes before time and check the camera/mic/speakers/internet connection, etc.

12 – Learners should have electricity back-up in case of power failure, the teacher would not be responsible for a failed connection.

13- Any kind of misbehavior would be strictly penalized.

14 – Consult the administrator and/or the teacher if you have any doubt about the Course, Course Fee, syllabus, schedules, etc.

15- Class time, schedule and/or the teacher can be changed at any time if need be but all the syllabus would be completed as per course.