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Teaching Methodology

V Spanish School has introduced modern methods of teaching using Live Teaching in Virtual Classrooms with Language Learning Platform where all the course modules are available for learners. This teaching approach can be described as “Involved Learning”of Spanish language. This approach involves not only a grammatical focus but also includes those aspects of language learning which provide the learners a context in regard to the syntax and morphology of the words with their meaning. The various components the learners would work on in each class would include reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Grammar is an integral part of language learning that’s why teaching is based on a well defined grammatical structure.

All courses are divided into 30 hours intensive modules and all have a set syllabus to complete for each level from A-1 to C-2. A learner can achieve maximum level of proficiency in minimum span of time and this is possible due to the specific teaching method designed for the Indian learners taking into account the cultural context and various other Indian languages.

The basic objectives of V Spanish School’s teaching methodology are:

  • Involved Learning is adopted so as to make sure learners participate in the teaching-learning process. V Spanish school teachers use Spanish Language as a medium of teaching from day one.
  • Familiarizing the learners with the Spanish Language & Culture, colloquial Spanish terminology and frequently used day to day Spanish expressions in the countries where the language is spoken, thereby preparing the learners with a realistic and culturally accurate context and enhancing linguistic competence across situations.
  • Spanish Language learner has the opportunity to take part in the meaningful communicative interaction with native and foreign speakers of the Spanish language and that the learner should be capable to all the realistic personal and professional situations.
  • To provide the learners with sufficient information, exposure, practice and experience along with cultural information and values of the Spanish language that would motivate the learners for further study of the Spanish language& culture.
  • From the very beginning of learning SpanishLanguage, optimal use is made of those aspects of communicative competence that the learner has developed through acquisition and use of their native language and that are common to those in the SpanishLanguage.
  • The Integrated Approach of Learning Spanish Language should be adopted with the grammatical structure at the backdrop of the learning process. Communicative approach is based on and responds to the learners’ communication needs. The primary goal of this approach is to facilitate the integration of grammatical competence, socio-linguistic competence and equip the learners with communicative strategies, while not focusing only on one form of competence over others. This is an integrated approach to learn Spanish Language in an organized way.