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Business Spanish for Professionals

V Spanish School offers you Business Spanish Courses so that you can communicate successfully in your work or profession.

Spanish is becoming more and more important for business. Learning Spanish will enable you to communicate better with Spanish speaking employees or colleagues and it would be nice to be able to offer your product or service to the 530 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish.

V Spanish School offers Business Spanish courses for professionals who want to study Spanish to start a career in the Export-Import, buying houses, and various other international trades or who are studying Business Management and want to add a foreign language to better their career prospects or for working professionals who want to get promoted to higher levels.  These courses are ideal for those who want to learn specific Spanish vocabulary and expressions used in International Business.

 It also provides an excellent opportunity to improve communication skills by offering an internship as a complement to their education as Manager, Analysts, etc.

V Spanish School offers a 6 months course to prepare you as per industry requirements.

All our learners are motivated to participate in the bi-monthly webinars wherein an expert talks about various aspects of Spanish Language and Culture.

V Spanish School conduct Online Examination and Certificates are given to all learners if they have a minimum score of 60% along with 90% of attendance.


Advantages of Learning Spanish for Business Management Students and professionals:

·        Increasing their work possibilities in the area of International Business and Marketing.

·        Increasing their value to their company by being able to communicate with Spanish speaking clients and providers.

·        Feeling and appearing more confident at any job interview that involves talking in Spanish.

·        Advancing in their career or find professional development opportunities in various sectors.

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