Benefits Of Learning Spanish In Spain

Benefits Of Learning Spanish In Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain is all together a different experience. It is fast and convenient specially for professionals. We recommend visitng Spain for 2 to 4 weeks for the first time for school goers to professionals. Your language skills improve significantly when you are in Spain where the only langugae you can speak is Spanish. In addition to learing Spanish you learn the european culture also which helps you in dealing with Spanish speaking people in a better way. If you are abroad, it is very satisfying if you can communicate with the locals in their own language. It helps you to understand the culture better and to make yourself part of it. I assume you have once asked for help abroad by using non-verbal communication because you did not speak the language. If you know the basics, you will save yourself from a lot of trouble and time, especially if you visit the less touristic places. In addition, speaking the local language makes it a lot easier to hang out with locals and make new friends.

A skill so valuable does not come naturally. You will have to put effort into it to be able to reap the harvest. During your stay in Spain you will not likely to become an expert, but it is certainly possible to achieve an advanced level.

V Spanish School highlights the importance of Spanish language as it is the oficial language of more than 20 countries. In USA Spanish is the second most spoken Language which makes it even more important. Spanish is one of the offial languages of the European Union too. With English as the only foreign language you are not unique anymore. To add something extra to your own development, learning a third language is an absolute must. It opens a lot of doors in the countries where the language is spoken. As long as you really want you will improve your Spanish significantly. You will see that you will come back with many wonderful stories, more knowledge and a lot of experience. We always say “Learn Spanish for personal and professional growth”.

You have probably been told already very often, but it is still important to remember this. Do not be afraid to make mistakes trying to speak Spanish. Accept in advance that you will make many mistakes and that it may be uncomfortable. No one laughs at you and the locals are only proud that a foreigner tries to learn Spanish in Spain. Therefore, take advantage of the great opportunity to learn the Spanish language now you’re there.

To really master a language you will also have to use it outside of the language lessons, so also practice when you are not obliged to use it. Try to have a conversation with a taxi driver, tell the hairdresser how you want your hair cut or make a telephone reservation. All these moments ensure that you will use other words and thereby significantly improve your vocabulary. You learn the basics and grammar of the Spanish language in the textbooks, but the real experiences will help you with new words that will improve your skills.

As long as you believe in it and you do everything you can, you will achieve it. You could stay with a local family where you surround yourself with the culture and language or you ask a local friend if he can give you an hour of tutor lessons every week. If you do this with a number of more foreigners you can have a pleasant afternoon where you can build friendships as well. In addition, by means of internships or volunteer work you can improve your language skills considerably, contribute to society and improve your resume. Double win!